Monday, June 3, 2013

The Best animal rescue in the UK

If your a supporter of one of the many animal rescues that we have in the UK then there's probably a reason behind why it's that particular rescue. It could be that they specialize in a breed that is very close to your heart, they might be just down the road and you like to support your area. It could of course be that you think that they go the extra mile and they have done so help you or your dog. What ever the reason why not share it with us?

Over on facebook we have been donating a few of our oak feeders to rescues but it's been hard, not the donating but the staying on the right side of facebook's rules and regulations. Over here on the blog we can do as we like so tell me why your rescue is the best in the comments box below and I'll donate a medium twin feeder [RRP £54.99] to the rescue with best story, the one that goes the extra mile or even one that just pulls on my own personal heart strings. It doesn't have to be that they run across burning coals to rescue every dog, sometimes the small things are just as important.

I've left the comments completely open, sign in or don't sign in, leave your name or remain anonymous, it's completely your call. Some people were a little worried regarding entering an email address over on such worries here. There's no "you must like and share", must be a fan of a page or anything like that, just tell me your bit ;-)


Anonymous said...

Friends of the Animals Rhondda Cynon Taff (RCT for short)would be very deserving candidates for this item, or to be more specific their rescue dog Bella.

Bella has recently arrived in the UK from Greece. This lovely girl was so severely beaten for chasing chickens that she has sustained serious injury to her spine and has currently lost the use of her back legs.

A caring group of people in Greece made her a special trolley to walk with and raised the money needed to bring her to the UK.

Friends of the Animals RCT believes that every dog deserves a chance and are currently caring for Bella while she undergoes x-rays and costly tests etc to find out if anything can be done to help her mobility.

This feeder would be a brilliant piece of equipment as it would encourage Bella to stand up while eating as she builds up her strength again.

Please visit their website at to find out more or their FB pages and
Many thanks for reading.

Laura Beck said...

I would like to nominate Cheadle and District Animal Welfare Society - there is no big story (well, there are hundreds because every rescue is a big story...) - just a dedicated bunch of volunteers who work locally. That means every dog or cat (and other small furries) in need in the local area gets rescued. It may be that the animal is stray or maybe can no longer stay with his or her family - it doesn't matter - CAWS helps. Staffy or labradoodle, they all matter to CAWS and they all get the care and future they deserve. The rescue also rehomes locally and provides full back up as needed. Now I am no Einstein but if every rescue worked locally maybe there would not be the problem that there is with unwanted animals.

Sue Tuck said...

I would like to nominate Poodles In Need, based in Lincolnshire and run single handedly by one lady called Hanna with foster carers based throughout the UK. Hanna works steadfastly to co-ordinate and care, rehabilitate and rehome all 3 sizes of Poodles; andnot to just any one who wants to have a dog. All dogs are carefully matched to the right family and are neutered and microchipped etc. They have also helped rehome other breeds too. They also have some Poodles with serious health issues on permanent foster. They don't receive the wide publicity of bigger charities and one your feeders I'm sure would be most useful, particularly for the big Standard Poodles.

Jackie Solomon said...

Greyhound Gap is a registered charity that was originally founded to help bridge the gap between dog pounds and existing rescues, hence the name. It is now a rescue in it's own right, and is dedicated to helping death row greyhounds and lurchers into permanent pet homes. Many of the greyhounds are ex-racers who at a young age are of no further use or interest to the racing fraternity, and are therefore looking for someone to give them a home for the rest of their lives; this could well be for a further ten years or so.
Greyhound Gap has volunteers, foster families, and supporters throughout most of England, and parts of Wales and Scotland.
As it is part of the home-checking procedure to always recommend that raised feeders are used for the hounds this item would, I am sure, prove to be very popular, and could help to raise much needed additional funds if it were used as a prize in a future online auction or raffle to aid the rescue.
Greyhound Gap's facebook page: