Friday, August 15, 2014

Bespoke Oak Room Divider

Most days in the workshop it's just the same as any other job....same old, same old...but every now and then some thing different comes along.

This was just one such job, a stunning bespoke wall display unit come room divider, the customer is going to have the wall removed that it's currently stood up against so that items placed on the unit can be viewed from either side.  As such we needed to ensure that it had two good faces and were unable to hide any fixings on the back simply didn't have a back face.

Normally a job such as this would start with with getting a detailed brief from the customer but that wasn't required in this case, the customer knew just what they wanted and had produced a detailed drawing to work from...first hurdle over!

Production was at times challenging ensuring that all fixings were firmly out of sight once finished. 600 biscuits along with their 1200 slots, around 300 pocket hole screws and no end of dowels were just some of the fixings...none of which were visible once finished.

At over 2 meters tall and having used up 15 cubic ft of prime grade American white Oak  it was no light weight and one of the final challenges was a logistical one. After partly dismantling the works van so the unit fit in we had to contend with 175kg down quite a narrow access ally to get the unit to it's final resting place. The end result was one very happy client with myself and assistant somewhat out of breath!

Have you an idea that you'd like making reality then drop us an email or pop along to the website. Many people think that a one off commission might be out of their budget but you'd be surprised and until you ask you'll never know!

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