Sunday, January 4, 2015

American Black Walnut cutlery trays

Here's something a little different from "The Oak Shop"...solid American Black Walnut!

Yes not everything I produce is Oak, these were a pair of bespoke cutlery trays produced in a beautiful timber that is American Black Walnut.

 It's been a while since I used ABW and to be honest I'd forgot just how stunning this timber is....if somewhat a touch expensive. The pictures really don't show it's stunning grain structure...clearly this is nothing I can take credit for...mother nature did the hard work!

Each one had tapered sides to fit snugly into their drawers with finger holes to aid lifting in and out and was produced to customer spec, right down to the size of each individual compartment.

These Walnut ones are clearly special order but in American White Oak they can be built to meet your requirements and ordered from the website.

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