Monday, April 25, 2016

Solid Oak Dog Crates/cages

Most dog owners will tell you what a fantastic training tool a crate can be, not only on toilet training but also for keeping your dog safe while you are out. The draw back is that they can be quite unsightly......well not any more.

Solid Oak  handcrafted dog cages

Our solid Oak Dog crates are built to the same high standard as any piece of furniture that you'll find on our website, after all you are going to put it in your home with other items of furniture so why shouldn't it be of the same standard? Built front solid American White Oak and delivered fully assembled. Each joint has a small mortise and tenon for added strength.

There two options for purchasing...either our eBay shop or the website.

Available in three sizes, each one complete with the cage. To aid with cleaning the oak frame can be lifted off the cage. 

Oak dog crates

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