Monday, May 2, 2016

A new twist to pallet upcycling projects.

Everyone and their dog is on with busting a few pallets and upcycling them in the name of furniture production....a quick internet search and you will find a whole range of products....some are well made and forward thinking while other should have really stayed as pallets.

Here's our twist...this was a tired old looking oak table...and now its a beautiful Oak pallet with a massive mug sat on it.

Solid Oak upcycled pallet project

What do you think...will they catch on ;-)

1/10th scale oak euro pallet
Lets help keep furniture standards high and save the pallets ;-) Unless we act and bring the plight of the pallet to the forefront of peoples minds they will soon become extinct...and that's before we start thinking about poaching and over hunting. Act now and have your pallet furniture turned back into pallets and set free back into the wild....future generations will thank you for it..

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